World Lottery Association (WLA) General Secretary

world lottery association

As the world’s leading organization representing state-authorized lotteries and sports betting operators, the world lottery association has a unique position to understand the challenges facing the industry. The world lottery association supports two internationally recognized standards – the WLA Security Control Standard and the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework. Certification to these standards can help your operation gain regulatory acceptance, secure player trust and build brand loyalty.

Luca joined the WLA in 2018 to lead the organization’s research and development efforts and to develop a deeper understanding of the issues facing state-authorized lotteries and sports integrity. His deep knowledge of the industry led to his appointment as General Secretary of both the WLA and Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) in 2022.

The WLA has a wide range of services for its members, from regular and associate to international and regional associations. It also hosts a biennial convention – the World Lottery Summit – which features a comprehensive business program and a vast trade show featuring the latest supplier products and services.

Responsible gaming is a key element of WLA Corporate Social Responsibility and is essential to ensuring lottery players are protected and that revenues are maintained for good causes. At WLS 2022, delegates were able to view the ‘Play for Society’ wall which showcased many of the good causes supported by the members of the WLA. A number of speakers gave valuable insights into the current and future challenges faced by the industry. Leonard Brody, bestselling author on innovation and change, discussed the impact of rapid technological developments while Jim Harris, renowned expert in strategic communications and branding, gave advice on how to make the core values of a lottery more visible to consumers.