The World Lottery Association (WLA)

world lottery association

The world lottery association is the lobbying group that represents state lotteries worldwide and upholds standards of ethical conduct, charitable giving and responsible gaming. It has a four-stage evaluation process that certifies members for their compliance with these principles.

The WLA is dedicated to combating illegal lottery operations around the globe and advises member lotteries on how they can best fight unauthorised lotteries within the regulatory framework of their jurisdictions. Its Illegal Lotteries and Betting Committee (ILBC) is an international advisory group of experts from a variety of backgrounds, working to strengthen the legal framework for the lottery industry and help ensure that the games are played in a fair and responsible manner.

It also hosts a range of seminars and other events throughout the year that target tactical managerial level on a wide range of lottery-specific topics. These training opportunities are often conducted in cooperation with regional lottery and sports betting associations, allowing WLA members to further advance their professional knowledge through the sharing of ideas and experiences from diverse cultures around the world.

WLA’s latest guide focuses on illegal gaming and its impact on lottery operations. It highlights how illegal gaming can be harmful to both players and lotteries, and explains that the industry must take steps to combat it by ensuring that all lotteries channel their products through supervised retail networks and work with regulators to remove the illegal segment of the gambling market.

The WLA is also promoting the role of state lotteries in charitable fundraising and raising funds for public good. It tries to promote the philanthropic work of its member organizations and has a special ‘Good Causes Foundation’, based on education, health, youth and sports development as well as culture.