The World Lottery Association (WLA) and ZEAL

With its global reach, world lottery association supports state-authorized lotteries and sports betting operators in 80 countries and territories. Its members collectively raised USD 80 billion in 2021 for good causes.

WLA also sets technical and ethical industry standards, and serves as an education resource for the lottery sector. In addition, it produces a number of information services such as the highly respected WLA Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator and the WLA Global Lottery Data Compendium, which provide research sourced from members, and is verified and validated by experts within the organization.

Every day, lottery operators are challenged to demonstrate that they operate responsibly and in society’s best interest. They must keep up with rapid advancements in technology, follow consumer behavior trends and implement responsible gaming frameworks.

In order to maintain a clear and unified voice for the world lottery community, the association publishes green and white papers on issues of particular importance. In consultation with experts from both within and outside of the lottery and gaming sectors, these position papers outline the WLA’s viewpoint on a specific issue.

In line with its mission, the WLA is also proud to support its members in achieving their goals and aspirations. For example, the association provides a platform for its members to discuss issues that impact their business, such as the need to ensure their operations and sports integrity are protected in the face of the increasing prevalence of illegal gambling. It is in this spirit that we are pleased to announce the admission of ZEAL to the WLA, effective January 1, 2022.