The World Lottery Association (WLA)

world lottery association

WLA’s mission is to serve state-authorized lotteries around the world and help them raise funds for a wide range of good causes. The organization provides expertise and resources regarding legal, security, economic, and promotional matters that affect lottery operations. The association also hosts conferences to facilitate collaboration between its members.

In the wake of recent global events, it has become increasingly important for lottery operators to ensure their businesses operate responsibly and remain safe and secure. To do this, they must take advantage of innovative technology to reach a new generation of gamers; follow consumer behavior trends; and implement responsible gaming frameworks.

Moreover, national lotteries must be prepared to combat the manipulation of sports competitions and illegal sports betting. To do this, they must cooperate with organizations such as the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), which uses a global and systematic surveillance framework to monitor sports betting for suspicious activity.

As a global professional association, it is critical for WLA to be at the forefront of industry news and trends. The association’s blog is an important tool that enables WLA members to rapidly disseminate information about important issues. It also features articles on a variety of topics including responsible gaming, fighting illegal gambling, and IT security. The blog is supplemented by the WLA Magazine, which focuses on association business and provides an inside view of the state-sanctioned lottery sector. The magazine is available in print and digital versions. In addition, it features articles on responsible gaming, sports integrity, and other relevant topics in the lottery industry.