The World Lottery Association (WLA)

world lottery association

The world lottery association represents the interests of state-authorized lotteries across 80 countries and five continents; its member lotteries raise more than USD 80 billion annually for good causes. The WLA’s global membership includes 150 lotteries and sports betting operators, as well as 70 suppliers of goods and services to the industry.

The association is dedicated to promoting the positive role of state-authorized lotteries in society, and advocating on their behalf around the world. The WLA reaches out to legislators and the public through campaigns on issues such as money raised for good causes, responsible gaming, combating match-fixing and illegal gambling, diversity, cybersecurity, the latest technologies in the industry and sports integrity in betting on sporting events.

As the global environment for state lotteries and sports betting organizations becomes increasingly challenging, membership of the WLA provides a number of advantages. It helps them to gain regulatory acceptance, secure their players’ trust and increase brand loyalty, while allowing them to support two internationally recognized standards for the lottery sector: the WLA Security Control Standard and the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework.

The fifth edition of the WLA RGF Submission Guide is now available, which is designed to assist members in their efforts to comply with the requirements of the framework, and provide a foundation to achieve higher levels of certification. This new version will be helpful for both submitting lotteries and those wishing to assess their own programs to determine which level they are qualified to apply for.