The World Lottery Association (WLA)

The world lottery association serves the interests of state-authorized lotteries, sports betting operators, and suppliers to the industry. It is a global professional organization that provides leadership and advocates for the industry’s common goals of integrity, responsible gaming, and collaboration. WLA’s membership spans six continents and includes over 140 lotteries, sports betting operators, and supplier organizations from around 80 countries. Lottery members raise over USD 1.5 trillion in funds each year to support the charitable, cultural, and sporting sectors.

Each day, the gaming and sports betting industries face the challenge of demonstrating to their communities that they are responsible organizations operating in society’s best interests. That is why corporate social responsibility, specifically the Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework, is a major focus for the WLA.

The WLA publishes timely green and white papers on a variety of topics that affect the industry at a global level. In consultation with experts from inside and outside the lotteries and gaming industry, these papers help to bring clarity and a unified opinion to issues of common interest.