The World Lottery Association (WLA)

world lottery association

The world lottery association acts with a single voice for state-authorized lotteries and sports betting operators around the globe. It provides guidance, clarity and a unified opinion on global matters of importance to the industry, in close consultation with experts from both inside and outside the lottery sector.

The organization also serves to advance the collective interests of lotteries by promoting their reputation as trustworthy operators and providers of quality services, while fostering innovation in their businesses. WLA works to safeguard the integrity of the industry from corruption and criminal activity, as well as to maintain a robust international code of conduct to ensure that all lottery activities are conducted fairly and openly.

WLS 2022 was the most sustainable event to date with delegates from more than 80 countries spanning 5 continents. Attendees were treated to excellent keynote speakers and informative sessions on a range of topics important to the industry. The trade show provided plenty of opportunities to explore and source the latest in supplier products, technology and services.

A number of participants shared their thoughts on the challenges facing lotteries today. During the first panel debate, CEOs Bryndis Hrafnkelsdottir (Happdraetti Haskola Islands, Iceland), Cindy Polzin (Wisconsin Lottery, USA), Riina Roosipuu (Eesti Loto, Estonia) and Anja Bohms (Land Brandenburg Lotto GmbH, Germany) agreed that there are many common challenges across lotteries, including being efficient, innovative, agile and responsible. They also emphasized the need to follow trends and focus on the needs of customers.