The World Lottery Association (WLA)

world lottery association

The world lottery association is a membership-based organization to advance the interests of State-authorized Lotteries worldwide. It comprises 156 full Lottery Members from 80 countries across six continents, as well as several Associate Members representing the supplier industry.

The Board of Directors is the main decision-making body for the WLA worldwide and provides leadership for strategic initiatives for modernizing and sustaining the global lottery sector. The Board is comprised of Lottery CEOs and high-level lottery executives from around the world. It is also the primary governing body of the International Lottery Research and Marketing Institute (ILRMI).

Luca Panzeri’s deep understanding of the issues that state lotteries face with regard to sports integrity brought him an additional mandate when, in 2022, he was appointed the Executive Director of the newly launched Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS). This new initiative demonstrates the strong commitment of State lotteries to protect their core business values and promote fair play in sport betting.

In addition to supporting its members, the WLA also plays a critical role in educating governments, media and the public on the contribution of lottery proceeds to society. The association does so through a series of position papers that are prepared by members, guest authors and the wider public affairs community on a variety of issues and topics.

The WLA’s Responsible Gaming Awards honor the lottery industry’s leading efforts to promote responsible gaming practices. It recognizes lotteries certified to WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Level 4 that are committed to excellence and are able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to this important issue.