The World Lottery Association (WLA)

The world lottery association is the global professional association of state-authorized lotteries, sports betting operators and suppliers, with member revenues totaling $250 billion on six continents. WLA Members are committed to the strictest standards of social responsibility, responsible gaming and security. WLA also promotes the development of tools and resources that help maintain lottery integrity with governments and other stakeholders worldwide.

The Association’s biennial meetings bring together government officials, industry experts, and other key players from the lottery and sports betting industries around the globe. Topics of discussion range from lottery market trends and innovations to best practices, and are facilitated by the expertise and in-depth knowledge of WLA’s global network of regional associations, member lotteries, and associate members.

This year, the meeting was held in Vancouver, Canada.

The WLA is tasked with informing governments, the media and the general public of the role of state lotteries as a major contributor to society through the distribution of funds to charitable and cultural causes. To further this aim, the Association produces a series of position papers on topics and issues of interest to the industry. These are written by members, guest authors and other relevant experts and are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of specific issues or topics, and serve as a tool for educating the broader public on the positive contributions of lottery proceeds.