The World Lottery Association GLMS General Secretary

world lottery association

The world lottery association is an organization that represents 150 state-authorized lotteries from across the globe. These lotteries generate revenues in excess of $250 billion and donate the lion’s share to good causes. The members also adhere to a strict set of standards for social responsibility and responsible gaming, and have an unwavering commitment to ensuring the integrity of their operations and products.

The WLA’s global network of professionals span six continents to serve the interests of its member lotteries. The organization’s services include business management, market research, international development and networking, and the sharing of best practices to help ensure the future prosperity of the industry. The World Lottery Association also supports its members in their efforts to promote responsible gambling, and works with other organizations around the world to curb/eradicate problem gambling.

WLA’s Illegal Lottery and Betting Committee (ILBC) is a vital part of the organization’s effort to maintain probity in the gaming sector by investigating illegal activities that jeopardize the reputations of responsible lottery operators. The ILBC also maintains the key database known as the Overview of Illegal Lottery and Betting Operations.

As the WLA GLMS General Secretary, Luca was appointed to oversee both the GLMS and the Global Lottery Monitoring System. He was recruited to the position because of his deep understanding of the unique needs of the regulated lotteries and sports betting sectors and his strong leadership skills. He brings to the position the knowledge and experience required to drive both the GLMS and the WLA to their next level of excellence.