The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a trade association for state-regulated lotteries, sports betting operators, and suppliers to the lottery and sports betting industries. Joining the WLA carries with it several benefits, including preferential rates for its annual World Lottery Summit, access to WLA Data, the world’s leading research report, and a host of other perks. To learn more, visit the WLA website.

WLA is a global, non-profit organization representing 140 government-controlled lotteries and organizations, with combined annual revenues in excess of $120 billion. Its mission is to promote corporate social responsibility in lottery operations and enhance public perception of lotteries in society. In addition to providing services for member organizations, WLA also advocates for better governance and compliance, promotes responsible gaming, and develops partnerships with sports federations around the world. The organization also sets the standard for responsible gaming and security, enabling its members to comply with global legislation and regulations.

WLA’s latest guide is endorsed by Cibelae, a Latin American organization that also supports responsible gaming. It reiterates some of the WLA’s requirements for member lotteries, including the need to channel products through supervised retail networks and work with regulators to remove the illegal segment of the gambling market. Among the other things Cibelae focuses on is the payment of winnings, which should never exceed 90%.