The World Lottery Association

The world lottery association is a global organization representing the interests of State-authorized lotteries. It is dedicated to advancing the cause of responsible gaming and good causes by promoting best practices. It also works to advance its members’ abilities to protect their brand integrity and ensure the security of their operations. The association has been a strong supporter of sports integrity and the fight against illegal betting activities.

In 2022, WLA member lotteries raised a record amount of USD 80 billion to support good causes. This significant contribution was made possible by the collective efforts of more than 150 state-authorized lotteries and sports betting operators, along with 70 suppliers of goods and services to the sector.

A significant achievement this year was the approval of the WLA Code of Ethics by the delegates at the biennial General Meeting in Granada, Spain. The Code of Ethics defines the principles that must guide the business operations of all WLA members. The Code is a critical element in WLA’s mission to promote Responsible Gaming.

In addition to the Code of Ethics, this year saw the launch of the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Submission Guide for 2019. The Guide defines the requirements and actions that must be taken in order to achieve a specific level in the WLA RGF. A survey of WLA lottery and sports betting members was conducted to better understand their perceptions, priorities and needs in relation to risk management in order to improve the effectiveness of WLA’s support offerings.