The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The world lottery association (WLA) is dedicated to the protection of its members’ interests in a responsible, regulated and sustainable gaming environment. The fight against illegal betting, based on the manipulation of sports competitions, is one of these important issues that the WLA is well positioned to advance through its broad worldwide membership.

The global lotteries industry is supported by five regional lottery associations, which play a role at the continental and regional level similar to the one played by the WLA globally. These are ALA, APLA, CIBELAE, the EL and NASPL, supporting Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and North America respectively.

WLA member lotteries have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, including the promotion of responsible gaming. In addition, the industry is governed by a set of principles that are binding on WLA members and their suppliers, which ensure that players are protected while generating revenue for good causes.

In 2021, a total of USD 82.3 billion was returned to society by WLA member lotteries, making a significant contribution to the development of societies worldwide. At this year’s WLA Summit held in Vancouver, the association tasked members to focus even more on responsible gaming and good causes.

A key partner in the fight against sports competitions’ manipulation, WLA has contributed to the development of a tool called the “Global Lottery Monitoring System for Sport Betting” (GLMS). This new initiative, together with its European counterpart, ELMS, will allow for the exchange of information between the various national lotteries in order to combat the emergence and spread of sports betting on manipulated events.