The World Lottery Association

WLA is a member-based organization to advance the interests of state-authorized lotteries. It offers membership to organizations that conduct regular lottery games (lotto, classic lotteries, instant games and online and offline video lottery) or sports betting games (toto and sports lotteries) in a regulated environment. Regular members must also contribute a majority of their net revenues to good causes and demonstrate that their business practices meet the aims and objectives of WLA.

The association has more than 80 member lotteries from over 80 countries on six continents and numerous associate members from the supplier industry worldwide. Collectively, they generate sales of over $250 billion and contribute the majority of their revenues to social and charitable causes. In addition, WLA members adhere to the highest standards of social responsibility and security and maintain a rigorous Responsible Gaming Framework.

One of the WLA’s key missions is to promote good governance and public trust in the sector. It also works to fight against match-fixing and illegal gambling. In this context, it has established a task force to help its members address the challenge of competition manipulation.

The association is located in Switzerland, a country with few disclosure requirements for non-profit associations. In light of this fact, it has been difficult for some critics to see it as impartial. In particular, it has been accused of supporting the view that lotteries function as regressive taxes, because people in lower-income groups disproportionately resort to them and spend a greater proportion of their income on them.