The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The world lottery association is a member-based organisation to advance the interests of state-authorized lotteries worldwide. Its members are responsible gaming operators committed to promoting and ensuring that their games are fair, open, transparent and legitimate. They respect authorized legal systems that determine where and in what form gaming products can be sold, and they ensure that the majority of net lottery revenues are used for the public good.

WLA Members are able to use the internationally recognized WLA Security Control Standard (WLA-SCS), a framework that helps them build and maintain an independent level of integrity for their operations. It offers an assurance that they are applying worldwide best practices, and simplifies planning for multi-jurisdictional games.

Support from the WLA business office: Every day, the team in Lausanne fields numerous questions from lotteries and sports betting operators and suppliers around the globe on pressing industry issues. Membership provides access to the in-house expertise that can quickly and efficiently help resolve those issues, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The association’s website claims that it certifies the highest level of gambling-related integrity in 55 of its members and that those members contribute the majority of their revenues to charitable causes. But PennLive and students from Columbia Journalism School recently found that those claims are misleading, and the association’s location in Switzerland — a country with few disclosure requirements for non-profit associations — also seems to contradict its stated commitment to transparency for its members.