The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

As a global association of state-controlled gaming operators, the world lottery association is committed to the responsible use of gaming revenues. This has made Corporate Social Responsibility, specifically the Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework, a key focus for our members since the WLA’s inception.

As well as supporting the work of its own members, the WLA also promotes major events organized by the regional lottery associations – ALA, APLA, CIBELAE, and EL. These flagship events are as important to the world lottery community as they are to their members, and we are proud to support them with our global reach.

The WLA’s industry-leading information services include the renowned WLA Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator and the Global Lottery Data Compendium, which offer research that is precise, authentic, and up-to-date. Using this information can help your operation gain regulatory acceptance, secure players’ trust, increase brand loyalty, and improve your organizational performance.

In 2021, WLA member lotteries returned USD 284.3 billion to society – a remarkable amount that supports countless charitable and social projects around the globe. This figure is even more impressive when considering the significant amount of funds lost through illegal sports betting and manipulation of sport competitions.

Luca is recognized for his deep understanding of the state-authorized gaming sector and its unique needs, which led him to join the WLA in 2018. He is an expert on both the technology and the business aspects of state-authorized lotteries and their suppliers.