The World Lottery Association

The world lottery association (WLA) is the international trade association advancing the common interests of state-authorized lotteries worldwide. The WLA was formed in 1999 by the merger of AILE (International Association of State Lotteries) and INTERTOTO (International Association of Toto and Lotto Organizations). The association is represented globally by its members, whose lotteries provide a wide range of services and products to millions of people.

The WLA provides support to the global lottery industry through its unified voice, expert knowledge, and a strong network of suppliers and peers. The WLA also offers a range of educational programs and seminars, and hosts an annual conference every other year.

WLA Members commit to a responsible gaming policy and make reasonable operator self-regulation a core part of their business. This includes providing responsible gaming information and resources to their players, organizing awareness initiatives, and promoting self-exclusion as appropriate.

Managing risk is critical to a lottery’s success. The WLA provides its members with the tools to help them meet and exceed their compliance obligations. From Request for Proposals to Marketing Guidelines, the WLA is committed to supporting its member lotteries’ efforts to protect their players and the integrity of the lottery sector.

The WLA Security and Risk Management Committee has developed the internationally recognized security standard for the lottery industry, now adopted by more than half of its members worldwide. At WLS 2022, attendees saw many of the good causes supported by lotteries at a “Play for Society” wall, which reminded them why the association exists.