The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The world lottery association (WLA) is a member-based organization that represents state-authorized lotteries worldwide. As a not-for-profit association, WLA is committed to supporting the growth of its members through professional development, networking opportunities, and information services.

Research & Information

The WLA publishes highly regarded research products including the Global Lottery Data Compendium and the Quarterly Lottery Sales Indicator. Both publications are based on data sourced directly from WLA members and verified for accuracy and completeness.

Continuing Education and Training

The World Lottery Association organizes an extensive seminar and event program that serves tactical managerial levels of the membership on lottery-specific topics. These seminars and accompanying events are primarily organized in cooperation with the regional lottery and sports betting associations and are aimed at assisting members with their continued professional training.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The lottery industry is a leading global provider of funds that are used to support good causes across the charitable, cultural and sports sectors. As a result, it is essential for lottery organizations to take their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, ensuring that they are doing the right thing for players and the broader community, including by following the Responsible Gaming Principles.

Macolin Convention and the fight against sports competition manipulation

The Macolin Convention is a key global instrument to combat illegal sports betting and match-fixing, which is a major cause of concern for governments around the world. It provides for the prevention of match-fixing through a global framework of surveillance, intelligence sharing, and the establishment of National Platforms to facilitate the transnational flow of information on suspicious betting patterns.