The World Lottery Association

The world lottery association serves the interests of state lotteries and sports betting operators and suppliers worldwide. It is a member-based organization that advances the business and social interests of its members in an effort to protect players and the environment while generating funds for good causes.

WLA Responsible Gaming Standards & Awards

The World Lottery Association has developed a set of principles for its members, which are part of an ongoing commitment to promoting a responsible gaming culture. They have been adopted and endorsed by the membership and are used to guide member lotteries’ day-to-day gaming operations.

WLA Level 1 Certification – The RGF Principles

All WLA member lotteries are eligible to obtain the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF) Level 1 certification which requires them to embrace the 10 RG Principles and to implement specific programs in their daily operations. This certification is valid through 2024.

WLA Seminars & Events

The WLA offers a wide range of seminars and events designed to help lottery managers develop tactical managerial skills in a variety of lottery-related topics. These seminars provide an opportunity to share ideas and experiences from across the globe.

Several of the seminars are hosted in cooperation with regional lottery associations. Other seminars are held independently to meet the needs of individual lottery executives.

Global Lottery Data Compendium & Research Database

The Global Lottery Data Compendium is a library of lottery industry research and statistics. It provides access to the latest lottery industry news, statistics and revenues.