The World Lottery Association

The world lottery association serves the interests of 152 state lotteries worldwide. The WLA promotes fair and honest gaming, protects players’ rights, and provides a framework for member organizations to develop their organizational structures and business processes.

Responsible gaming certification:

The WLA’s Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF) is an international standard based on the Seven Responsible Gaming Principles, which allows lottery operators to demonstrate their commitment to responsible gambling in four levels of achievement. Certified members can be recognized at the WLA’s biennial convention for their achievements in this area.

Security certification:

The WLA is the only organization to offer independent and internationally-recognized security standards in the lottery industry. These standards are open only to WLA members and their suppliers, and ensures that an operation has applied worldwide best practice in terms of security and risk management.

Position papers:

As an international trade organization, the WLA speaks with a unified voice on issues of importance to the world lottery community. These position papers are authored by experts inside and outside the industry, and provide guidance and clarity on issues such as money raised for good causes, cybersecurity, diversity, sports integrity, and other critical issues in the lottery sector.


The Global Lottery Monitoring System is an international association of state lotteries that aim to protect the integrity and core values of sport from corruption, particularly the manipulation of sports competitions and illegal sports betting. It offers a global, systematic surveillance framework to monitor sports betting for suspicious patterns and acts as an information hub dedicated to the prevention of match-fixing.