The World Lottery Association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is an international organization representing the interests of state lotteries in the world. Its main mission is to advance the collective interests of its members. In particular, the WLA helps its member lotteries combat illegal lottery and betting operations.

Originally formed in 1999, the World Lottery Association is now a member-based association that represents the interests of state lotteries from around the world. The association also works to protect sports betting operators and the industry as a whole.

The WLA provides a variety of services for lotteries. Some of these include security and risk management, social gaming, and online gaming. They also work to promote a positive public policy agenda.

Aside from providing standards for the lottery industry, the WLA also provides a forum for sharing new technologies and technological innovations. These are available through the Association’s Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), a global surveillance and information hub.

Another major area of focus for the Association is combating sports betting corruption. Through GLMS, lotteries are able to protect themselves from match fixing threats and other illegal activities.

Additionally, the World Lottery Association also certifies NeoGames as compliant with responsible gaming standards. This certification is offered through the Responsible Gaming Framework, a set of 10 standards that are a part of the WLA’s overall program.

World Lottery Association is dedicated to ensuring that gaming operators maintain their integrity and are dedicated to helping generate funds for good causes. As a result, many of its member lotteries dedicate the majority of their net revenue to the public good.