The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association is a global professional association of state lottery organizations. Its purpose is to advance the collective interests of its members. In order to achieve this, the organization is committed to ensuring that lotteries adhere to strict social responsibility standards.

The organization offers a number of services for lotteries, including the development of a responsible gaming framework. This is a set of standards designed to help minimize the risks of problem gambling worldwide. Specifically, the framework is built on the seven responsible gaming principles. These include:

The association’s Security Control Standard is an internationally recognized information security standard for the lottery industry. To qualify for certification, lottery operators must comply with the principles of the Responsible Gaming Framework.

WLA offers a series of education modules to help individuals understand the fundamentals of international lotteries. In particular, the course focuses on the key aspects of the business model. Additionally, the organization provides a platform for sharing technology innovations and knowledge.

The WLA Data Compendium is an exclusive research report on the lottery industry. The compendium is compiled by WLA Contributors, a group of leading suppliers to the industry. By becoming a WLA member, you get access to the compendium.

As the first female president of the World Lottery Association, Rebecca Paul serves as the leader of an organization that is dedicated to the advancement of women in the lottery industry. She has been an instrumental figure in developing the Responsible Gaming Framework, and has served as the Chair of the European Lotteries Working Group on Responsible Gaming.