The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a global network of state-regulated lotteries and sports betting operators. WLA members represent more than 150 countries and are committed to responsible gaming practices. The association’s mission is to promote responsible gaming and informed choice amongst lottery players. It also includes more than 70 suppliers of sports betting equipment and services. The WLA promotes transparency in the industry, provides information on its policies and regulations, and provides a forum for discussion.

The WLA represents 140 government-controlled lotteries around the globe, with annual revenues totaling $120 billion. The WLA has a variety of services that benefit its members, including lobbying for the best interest of players, promoting corporate social responsibility in lotteries and improving the perception of the role of lotteries in society. It also works with regional lottery associations to increase public awareness about the benefits of lotteries by developing partnerships with sports federations around the world, and setting worldwide standards for security and risk management.

The WLA is the only organization of its kind that has global membership. The WLA is the only association to support the operations of state lotteries, which collectively generate over USD 300 billion annually. WLA also works to promote responsible gaming by promoting corporate social responsibility and enhancing public awareness of the role of lotteries. The association promotes responsible gaming by lobbying on behalf of its members and developing partnerships with regional lottery associations. In addition, it develops partnerships with sports federations around the world and promotes responsible gaming.