The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association is an international organization that serves the interests of its member lotteries around the world. WLA members include state-run lottery organizations, sports betting operators, and other suppliers to the gaming industry. This association works to protect the industry from corruption and illegal operations. It provides a framework of standards for all involved in the lottery sector.

The World Lottery Association offers a variety of services to lottery organizations, including a Security Control Standard for information security. The Association is also the home of the Global Lottery Monitoring System, which is a surveillance system designed to safeguard the integrity of sports.

The Global Lottery Monitoring System was created in 1991. It helps to combat match fixing and sports betting corruption. The system is supported by the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries.

The World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework is based on seven principles. The framework is designed to complement the individual lotteries’ safeguards. It also contains ten program elements. The Framework has four levels of achievement.

Each level reflects a lottery’s commitment to implementing the Responsible Gaming Principles. The Framework has been developed in a manner that accommodates differences in culture and legislation. The Responsible Gaming Independent Assessment Panel reviews submissions and forwards certification recommendations to the WLA.

The independent assessment panel comprises experts from corporate social responsibility and the lottery industry. The experts provide guidance on how to optimize and expand responsible gaming programs. They provide recommendations for certification and suggest the most effective ways of protecting players.