The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a global professional association for state lottery organizations. Its members represent revenues of more than $250 billion. They are committed to social responsibility and responsible gaming. Many of these organizations also contribute to charitable causes. The WLA offers an invaluable service to those involved in the lottery industry.

The association’s membership consists of various groups and bodies, including the European Lottery Association (LAE), the European State Lotteries Association (AELTE), and the Ibero-American Corporation of LoterAas y Apuestas of the States (CIBELAE). More information can be found at the official WLA website.

The World Lottery Association is committed to responsible gaming. It has adopted the Responsible Gaming Principles and Responsible Gaming Framework, which aim to protect lottery players worldwide. The Responsible Gaming Framework also includes supporting documents that provide information on responsible gambling. Several courses are offered by the World Lottery Association. Its Lottery 101 course consists of several modules that cover the key aspects of the international lottery business model.

The WLA has also adopted the Macolin Convention, which provides legislative tools to tackle illegal betting. This convention will enable national lotteries to operate more responsibly, with less risk. It will also help protect players from unfair competition.