The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is an international membership organization whose members comprise more than 150 state-authorized lotteries from 80 countries. These members generate an annual revenue of more than USD 300 billion, which is dedicated to the public good. The WLA also includes 70 suppliers of the gaming industry. To learn more about this organization, visit its official website. Founded in 1999, the WLA represents the interests of lotteries worldwide.

The World Lottery Association (WLA) represents 140 government-controlled lotteries, with combined annual revenues of more than $120 billion. The WLA provides a number of services to its members and the public. Its mission is to promote corporate social responsibility in lottery operations and increase public awareness of the role of lotteries in society. The WLA works to achieve this by lobbying on behalf of its members, developing partnerships with other global organizations, and setting standards for security and risk management.

World Lottery Association was founded in 1999 after merging the International Association of State and Toto Organizations. Its mission is to represent all state lotteries globally and to advance their missions. It works to improve awareness of the role of lotteries in society and foster corporate social responsibility in lotteries. It works to develop responsible gaming programs and focuses on employee training and education. It also promotes responsible gaming. The WLA is the only global organization dedicated to this cause.