The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a global association for lottery operators and suppliers. Members are state lotteries and other lottery organizations that generate revenues in excess of $250 billion annually. Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including exclusive access to WLA Data, the world’s largest research report on lottery operators.

Founded in 1999, the WLA represents the interests of over 150 state-authorized lotteries and other related suppliers to the global lottery industry. WLA member lotteries collectively contributed USD 86 billion to good causes in 2019, and more than 1.3 trillion since 1999. The WLA represents all facets of the lottery industry and helps its members raise more funds for worthy causes.

WLA Contributors are leading suppliers in the lottery industry, and their participation in the association helps form the bedrock of its relationship with the global supplier community. The WLA also recognizes its honorary members, individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the international lottery industry. For example, Guy Simonis, who was responsible for introducing lotteries to North America, is a member of the WLA.

In addition to supporting good causes, the WLA has developed a global certification program that is aimed at helping lottery operators become responsible and ethical in their business. The WLA’s Responsible Gaming Principles and Framework is an internationally recognized framework for the gambling industry that respects cultural differences and complements individual lottery operators’ safeguards. This certification process includes 10 program elements and provides a standard for lottery operators to meet.