The World Lottery Association

world lottery association

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is an international association of lottery operators and suppliers. Members of the association come from more than 80 countries and five continents and are united in their mission to raise funds for the public good. WLA members also enjoy numerous benefits, such as exclusive access to WLA Data, the world’s largest research report on lottery operators.

The association provides its members with relevant information and knowledge that helps them run innovative operations. It also hosts a series of joint seminars, which feature the latest developments in sustainability. The seminars will address topics such as responsible gaming, responsible advertising, and environmental developments. Associate members can also attend the seminars. As part of the association, WLA members are eligible for discounted registration.

The association also works with state lotteries and other organizations. In November 2018, Luca joined the WLA as its executive director. Luca brings a wealth of expertise to the table, including a knowledge of sports integrity and sports betting. In January 2022, he was appointed as the General Secretary of the Global Lottery Monitoring System, which is part of the WLA. Since then, Luca has been serving both organizations.

The Macolin Convention provides for sanctions for offences related to sports competition manipulation, money laundering, and aiding and abetting such activities. These penalties can include monetary sanctions, confiscation, and detention. However, they must be proportionate, effective, and comply with domestic law.